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7 Valentine’s Day Entertainment Ideas Guaranteed To Find You Love*

Are you ready for lurrrrrve?

If not, it’s time get yourself in gear as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you are looking for an awesome all-singing, all-dancing show or something low-key to add to your event. Here are 7 Live Entertainment ideas to add a little sparkle to your Valentine’s Day


1. Swing Singer 

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than a bit of Bublé or the smooth laid back sounds of the rat pack. If you want to add a bit of Vegas to your Valentine’s Day, look no further than a bit of Swing and Rat Pack!

Swing Singer


2. Soul & Motown Singer

If you want something a bit more upbeat but still want the mood for love then why not go for the silky vocals of a Soul & Motown singer. From Sexual Healing to You To Me Are Everything, a Soul & Motown singer can provide romance and an upbeat atmosphere to your Valentine’s Day

Soul Singer


3. Live Lounge & Acoustic Artistes

Want something a bit more laid back? If you want a chilled out vibe for your event or venue, then an acoustic artiste could be perfect for you. If you want everything from Ed Sheeran to acoustic twists on modern classics, a live lounge act can do it all!



4. Singing Waiters

Everyone loves surprises, especially on Valentine’s Day! Imagine sitting in a restaurant and, suddenly, the waiters serenade you with ‘your song’ as everyone looks on….the definition of something different!

Singing Waiters


5. Close Up Magician

Fill your Valentine’s Day with amazement as a close-up magician makes the engagement ring (or other non-commitment based gift) appear from nowhere – cue gasps and amazed noises – and makes you look like the most awesome person ever!



6. Musician

Want to be entertained but also want to enjoy a nice chat over dinner? Then a musician is perfect for you. From classy string quartets to sultry saxophone, Guitarists to Pianists, a musician can really add beautiful ambience to your event



7. Tribute Artistes

If you are after your favourite superstar but at a reasonable price, why not Hire a Tribute Artiste, the closest you can get without hiring the real thing! Popular Valentine’s choices include Rod Stewart, Michael Bublé, Neil Diamond, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Frank Sinatra, Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, George Michael, Lionel Ritchie and many more!

Tribute Artiste

So there you go, 7 ideas to make your Valentine’s Day go off with a bang (in a good way) and be one that everyone there will remember.

Remember, just because I’m telling you these are good ideas, it doesn’t mean they’re right for you so if you would like more inspiration, why not go to or drop us an email at

*love may or may not result from any of the suggestions, results can vary!


{Fun, outdoor, festival weddings are all the rage at the moment}

fesrival 2

From Bunting & teepees to lanterns logs and hay bales the decor is the first port of call when it comes to getting that charming outdoor wedding look, but no outdoor, festival themed wedding would be complete without the perfect entertainment to set the mood, sound and atmosphere throughout the day, it should be as bold, bright and as celebratory as the rest of the day.

festival 1


It might be a festival wedding but dont forget it is a wedding after all and it will still have those elements of tradition you just cant escape from at a wedding. Classical music has made a huge come back with many quartet’s now playing fabulous arrangements of modern chart hits which could be a great option for an outdoor ceremony – there to entertain your guests whilst they wait for the brides arrival and to of course play you down the aisle with a classic twist on your favourite modern track – why not mix it up with the old and the new.



This string quartet are young, trendy and fresh and just perfect for during the ceremony and drinks reception at an outdoor wedding. Filling the air with soft atmospheric and classical sounds but with that modern twist.



So everyone is sat outside waiting for the bride to arrive the sun is shining of course – as planned – but it just needs that added sparkle to make it just perfect. Some easy listening for the guests to enjoy but something that just stays in the background.

If this is something that you are seeking then stick to unamplified music, it is gentle and can just filter in throughout your special day. Chosing something like acoustic guitar can be a great choice, it is extremely versitile and the musician can really change it up in the drop of a hat as you move through the different stages of the wedding day just by chosing different tracks with a range of styles and tempos they can really get that festival feel going as the day progresses into the big evening party.

paul 1–Live-Lounge


Paul is your guy if you are looking for a great guitarist with the bonus of having a brilliant voice to go with it too. From ceremony, to mingling with guests during the drinks reception, right through to evening reception Paul is so versitile, his repetoire is huge meaning he really can tailor his performance to anyones big day. If it is that cool festival feel that you want, well that can be accomodated for. Your wedding is all about you so really personalise your song choices and give your choice of entertainment some real meaning.



So you have planned your outdoor festival wedding trying to be bold and different, out to break the classic wedding stereotype so make sure you send that same message with your entertainment as well.

Again much like the string quartet, brass instruments also have a bit of an old school reputation which may just be right up your street if you are looking for that vintage influence. But take the not so cool and mix in a bit of the new and you have got something fun and unique that people of all ages will simply love.



We can see you now getting in a fun shot like this one with this bunch of young, fun loving brass players. They really know how to make a wedding day extra special and really get involved with all of your guests who want to join in. So bring on the festival flower crowns and get all your guests mimicking those brass instrument moves with the fabulous fellas from the NYBB Brass Collective.



So the 500 metres of bunting is up that you slaved over for weeks, all the vintage suitacses are stacked, the tables are draped in lace and there are vintage photoframes propped up everywhere. But something is missing…. The sound of the 1940’s and 50’s could be that missing puzzle piece when it comes to your big day. Now here at Garston we cannot offically turn back time but we can bring those sounds of the past to you and your big day – with added victory rolls.



Wow! wow! wow! not one, not two but 3 gorgeous vintage belles. Lots of venues say no to amplified music when it comes down to outdoor weddings as they are usually located in beautiful countryside settings. However in most instances you will be allowed vocalists just no live instruments. Well here we have them the answer to all of your vintage dreams. These three gorgeous ladies in fully co-ordinated vintage outfits and performing in perfect harmony to songs of a bygone time are perfect for an outdoor wedding that wants to make a bold, unique and all round vintage statement.




So picture this the outdoor games are set out on the grass, guests are mingling by the outdoor bar and people are relaxing in the summer sunshine whilst family and friends drift in and out of the party for photos. An hour or so can pass and guests need to be entertained. Well why not send them home with the perfect wedding souvenir – people do love a keepsake to mark an extra special day so why not book a fantastic and supertalented Caricaturist.



Just think of the sound of laughter that will fill the air at your fab festival wedding as guests get handed their larger than life doodle created by Bill. Bill is such a fantastic artist who can produce speedy, humorous and life – like sketches of people and surrounds with exaggerated features and fun interpretations bill will have your guests in stitches without telling a single gag. If you want lots of smiling faces on your magical day then a caricaturist may just be the entertainment for you.



Everyone wants a wedding day that their guests will remember for a long time to come, a day that makes them go wow! well why not take that quite literally and hire a close up magician they are perfect for outdoor weddings as they can walk around and mingle with guests demonstrating and performing some of the most amazing and sometimes totally unbelievable tricks – make them all go wow!



Step back and let Lorenzo work his magic on all of your guests. A magic act works just perfectly for an outdoor festival wedding. Family and friends tend to naturally form groups within the open outdoor space which works just perfectly for impressing your guests with even bigger better tricks. Lorenzo really is a cut above the rest and the magic he performs is just out of this world, he will keep all of your guests guessing and you will hear the gasps and WOW’s fill the air over and over – maybe magic is real after all so why not add some to your big day.



So the sides on the teepee are down, the hog roast has been eaten and the fires are rawr-ing there is only one thing left for everyone to do…. and that is party. But dont forget it is a festival theme so stick with it and hire a super cool folk fusion band.



We what can we say the name says it all doesn’t it. This great bunch of lads have really got that folk fusion sound right down to a tee. Cool, energetic and modern they are the perfect addition to your outdoor festival wedding evening reception. They bring something new, exciting and fresh to the standard party band and really add momentum to an already well established wedding theme.


festival 4

Visit the GARSTON ENTERTAINMENT website for lots more artistes & entertainment ….

// TOP 10 // SOUL & MOTOWN //

garston no backgroundlogo

So here is the next Chapter in Garston Entertainments // TOP 10 // Blog series

This Weeks blog is all about the very best in // SOUL & MOTOWN // from solo soul singers, to vocal harmony groups, right through to full soul & motown bands. Here at Garston we have them all so the hardest decision will be having to choose.

Here to help you see and hear the very best of this category we have created the following  // TOP 10 // SOUL & MOTOWN // run down

// No. 1 //


james 1

This Band has got it all with soaring vocals, close harmonies and a pulsating rhythm, James Franklyn & The Soul Machine will have the dance floor packed. Grooving to classic hits of 70s, 80s, 90s to bang up to date modern pop, rock & indie classics. The band can also theme the night as a full soul & motown evening if required

The regular 5 Piece Band line up includes Drums, Bass, Saxophone and Keyboards and the band are also available as 6 piece, 7 piece right up to an 9 Piece if required for that big soul sound.
// No. 2 //
The-Soultones-The Soultonesfinal1
Soul sister Kayleigh takes up lead vocals followed closely behind by her amazing soultones band. This group are young, edgey and keep that real sound of soul but with a super fresh, modern touch.
The Soultones are not just your average party band and will guarantee to fill the Dance floor and have your party, event or wedding rocking! The Soultones are available in a range of line-ups with full brass section depending on each clients requirements, budget and the atmosphere they want to create. The band offer so much versatility and really tailor make their performance to every event.
// No.3 //
The Gillettes 2_oct 2011
Vocal harmony groups get a little lost in the midst of trying to find a soul and motown band but they most definately should not be forgotten or over looked in our books. Especially when we have some of the most fantastic vocal harmony groups, who have got that rich soul sound down to an absolute tee.
The Gillettes are a fine example of a fantastic Soul & Motown trio specialising in the sounds of legendary Soul and Motown stars.

The Gillettes have both the versatility and experience to successfully captivate every audience with their superb vocal harmonies and their slick dance routines. The show also sets the scene with detailed narration about the Legends throughout, leaving everyone feeling nostalgic and in the mood to reminisce about those great days of yester year.
// No. 4 //
Superb, super cool and full or soul
Surely that is everything you need to be in our [TOP 10] list of soul and motown.
Well if it is then The Soulstar has certainly got all 3.
Blessed with a silk like voice, charisma and bags of personality The SoulStar is a phenomenal tribute to all things Soul.Having toured with many singers and bands such as The Drifters, Alexander Oneal, Dionne Warwick, The Platters, and Luther Vandross to name a few – The Soulstar has picked up all of the best habits and integrates them into his fantastic show which features seamless vocals, rich tone and all of the qualities you’d associate with any top class soul singer.A show which takes on the Giants of Luther Vandross, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire and Many more!
The soulstar works solo and with a fantastic 7 piece band so you can pick the option that best suits you, your event, your budget and your venue.
// No. 5 //
Being based in the North ourselves we are very excited to introduce this fantastic northern soul tribute band.
Northern Soul music has become massive once again and this is the band for you if want the crowd up dancing and singing at the top of their voices. Performing classsic songs of that Motown era that everyone is sure to know the words to.Northern souls are a 9 piece live band performing Northern Soul & Motown classics. They recreate the timeless sounds of Wigan Casino, Twisted Wheel, Blackpool Mecca, Catacombs, Golden Torch and Chateau Impney!Without a doubt this fantastic band will be the life and soul of your event and are sure to get those feet dancing and hands clapping.

// No. 6 //
The decades of soul and motown where not just dominated by male vocalists. There are many hugely talented ladies who made their mark on the genre as well.
Today The Ultimate Soul & Motwon Experience are established as one of the leading Soul & Motown tribute shows – and it is easy to see why.
The Ultimate Soul & Motown Experience features the soulful lead vocals of Kate Bell together with Jay, Callum & Chris, three amazingly talented guys providing awesome vocals, harmonies and slick choreographed dance routines

The show features a tribute to the very best of Soul & Motown classic Hits performed in a modern uptempo style to keep it fresh and new but not forgetting the charm of classic soul & motown.
// No. 7 //
‘THE SOUL DIVA’ the perfect stage name for this fantastic vocalist. Michelle delivers on soul diva status with every performance.
Michelle Lawson has an awesome, spine tingling, soulful voice and has enjoyed success as a recording artiste receiving critical acclaim but on stage is where Michelle really brings her sensational soul diva tribute to life. Aa big voice with even bigger stage presence, two traits that you need to be an amazing soul sister.
// No. 8 //
So you want that authentic Soul & Motown entertainment? so why not have the real deal.
All the way from the decades of soul and motown gone by we bring you Roy G Hemmings who enjoyed his peak of fame with the amazing Drifters and gained the title of longest serving memeber.
It is easy to see now why Roy is such a fantastic showman. With years of practise entertaining audiences around the world, soul and motown is in his blood. He tackles some of the genres biggest hits with ease having a career in music that has paved the way and inspired many others to continue to make music and perform classic soul and motown hits.
Roy is available as a solo singer or he can perform alongside The Dictionary of Soul. The show includes the songs of Otis Reading, James Brown, Jackie Wilson, The O-Jays, and other Soul legends. Audiences enjoy a musical cavalcade of all-time greats: ‘Higher and Higher’, ‘My Girl’, ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’, ‘Under the Boardwalk’, ‘Stand By Me’, ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’, and ‘Love Train’. The show is full of timeless songs performed with energy and that perfect soul sound.
// No. 9 //
blue eyed soul
‘The perfect duo’ is the only way to sum up Blue Eyed Soul the chemistry and high energy these two performers bring to the stage compliments their fantastic Soul and Motown sound perfectly.
The duo perform all of your favourite Soul and Motown hits and more besides, they are all about delivering what the audience wants so really add that personal touch to every show.

More that just singers Blue Eyed Soul bring the whole soul show.
// No. 10 //
The-Atlantics-The Atlantics
Introducing The Atlantic Sound Collective…
One of the county’s rawest and most authentic soul bands. Playing the very best of Stax and Atlantic soul from music’s golden era. When This group hit the stage you are sure to hear those big hits from the likes of Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Ray Charles, Wilson Picket and Sam Cooke, delivered with unparalleled passion and authenticity.
We have really saved the best until last with a group who’s love and passion for the distictive sounds of soul and motown really shine through.
// THE END //
So that is it…we have reached the end of our // SOUL & MOTOWN // TOP10 // countdown
This has been our favourite blog so far with so many fantastic soul & motown acts across this category it was so difficult to narrow it down to just 10, but we got there in the end and we hope all the Soul & Motown fans out there really enjoy reading all about it.
Don’t forget this is just a small selection of the acts under this category and it you want to see more, hear more and read more then use the following links …
Soul & Motown Bands:
Soul & Motown Singers:
The full Garston entertainment website:

TOP 10: Wedding Entertainment

business card big


So you have started planning your wedding? Well that means a lot of difficult decision making, from the venue to the dress, cars to flowers and most importantly – THE ENTERTAINMENT.

Finding the perfect wedding entertainment from the church through to the drinks reception and on to the evening party, brides and grooms up and down the country are keen to keep their guests well entertained but sometimes having so much choice can leave us a little confused.

To help we have put together this fantastic top 10 guide to our most popular Wedding entertainment, from singers and musicians, to magicians and bands this blog should give you an insight into what other newlyweds-to-be have chosen for their big day along with a few hints and tips from us as well.


At Number 1….

– Let us start with the Church –



Jon is the perfect choice for any Bride wanting to walk down the aisle with a touch of real class. Jon is an exceptional tenor with years of experience, performing in many prestigious venues, but he loves nothing more than making wedding day dreams come true.

 He can sing a selection of specially chosen songs while your guests await the arrival of the bride and can be the perfect touch to get everyone in the mood for your special day. His moving, operatic vocals with fill the church as you walk down the aisle and see each other for the first time and will be the perfect conclusion as you exit the church as newly-weds.


At Number 2 …..

– For the perfect ceremony –


ed guita–Solo-Guitar

Classical Guitar can be a great choice for background music for your ceremony whether in church, at your venue or in a registry office. The guitar is such a versatile instrument, the choice of tracks is endless so you can really tailor the whole atmosphere to suit your personality. Ed is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a solo guitarist. His repertoire includes Classical, Spanish, Latin, Jazz and instrumental Pop/Rock covers. This balance of material ensures he is able to accommodate any part of the day requiring live ambient music. He is also able to take requests prior to the day of the performance, so if you would like a particular song for a special occasion, this can be arranged specifically for you at no extra charge.


At Number 3 …..

-From ceremony to champagne reception –



The string quartet is back and with a perfect mix of classical and modern, a string quartet can see you through your ceremony and on to your drinks reception where they will deliver the most fantastic background music to really set the scene at your wedding. The Leos Janacek Quartet are a perfect choice when it comes to strings. The group are young and fresh and inject something new into classical music as well as also covering modern day hits. For them, it is about providing entertainment that appeals to all of your guests – who said classical was boring? We certainly don’t think so.


At Number 4 ….

-Add a touch of wedding magic-



So you have gone to have your pictures taken as the new Mr & Mrs and your guests are left waiting for the wedding breakfast to begin. A great idea is to hire a close up magician to mix and mingle with your guests, performing cool tricks and showcasing unbelievable mind reading skills, Lorenzo is a cut about the rest when is comes to the world of magic and really knows how to work the room. A magician who is sure to dazzle all of your guests with his fun and always amazing tricks.


At Number 5…

-Eat – Drink -Entertain –



The wedding breakfast is the central park of the whole day making it one of the most important elements, but lots of couples are so focused on their choice of food and drink they often forget about entertainment.

Simon Dee is one of our most popular male vocalists and his easy listening, live lounge sound really sits well during this part of the day. Simon strikes the perfect balance between providing top quality, relaxed background music so guests can still chat among themselves as well as bringing an upbeat vibe to fill the gaps between courses. Simon has a huge amount of experience performing at hundreds of weddings a year so you know you are in good hands. Simon can also bring along his portable baby grand piano for that extra special touch.


At Number 6….

– Surprise Surprise – Give them something they don’t expect –



So you and all your wedding guests are enjoying the most fantastic meal, the waiters are clearing away the starters when you soon realise some of those ‘waiters’ are not really who they claim to be –  when they suddenly burst into song!

If you want to give your guests the biggest surprise of the day we highly recommend hiring The Sing Along Waiters they are a fantastic singing waiter duo who are full of fun, energy and sing songs that will have all of your guests clapping and joining in.

Singing waiters are the newest wedding craze and are worth every penny of your wedding entertainment budget to see the stunned look on peoples faces. They can also appear incognito as guests at your wedding, which is sure to be even more of a surprise when the music begins….


At Number 7…

-The fun doesn’t have to stop there-



Give your wedding guests a fantastic memento to take away from your big day. The food has been eaten, all of the drinks are gone and everyone needs a little entertainment boost to take them into the ‘Lets party’ mood. Well there is simply nothing funnier than seeing yourself transformed into a cartoon caricature.

Bill is an utterly brilliant caricaturist and top quality artist as he brings to life these wedding guest characters in a matter of minutes. He uses real life features, fun props and takes inspiration from clothes and accessories to really portray peoples personality in a fun, exaggerated, larger than life way.


At Number 8 …

– It’s time to party –



The perfect live band is an absolute must for your evening wedding reception. Give it an amazing party feel and book a band that will guarantee that that there will be no bums on seats and everyone will be up on the dance floor all night long.

There are so many live bands to chose from at Garston Entertainments but our top choice are The Manytones, with the splendid vocals of Kayleigh upfront performing some of the greatest hits from 60s to modern day charts. She leads this 6 – 10 piece band effortlessly. The band has an extensive repertoire performed and arranged by some of the most talented musicians in the business, meaning they can really tailor the show to create the perfect set list for each and every couple.


At Number 9 …..

-A vintage themed wedding needs vintage entertainment-


We cannot get away from all things vintage. The modern wedding is now taking inspiration from eras gone by. From vintage china place settings to vw camper wedding transport. With The Forties Belles you can cleverly bring the sounds of the past to your wedding as well. This fabulous 1940’s vocal trio have such an authentic look and sound they ooze glamour and female charm and are such a unique idea to really emphasise that true vintage theme throughout your entire day.


At Number 10 ….

-So you can’t quite stretch the budget for  the band? …not to worry-


JAMES F–UK-Soul-Singer

Trust us, you do not need a band when you have James Franklyn, he is an amazing and entertaining singer who uses the very best tracks to provide that full band feel for a fraction of the cost. He is a top quality vocalist covering every era and genre from swing to soul, funk to chart hits. He is one man, with fantastic charisma and stage presence but don’t worry, he also comes with a fantastic live band if you really want to push the boat out….


Whatever your budget, however big or small, we have entertainment to suit everyone’s taste and budget. The top 10 entertainers that are listed here are just a small selection of what Garston Entertainments have to offer and we are here to help you start your wedding entertainment planning. We help hundreds of brides and grooms with their wedding entertainment every year so be rest assured, you are in safe hands. We are happy to give advice on anything and everything and we are only a call or click away.

For more wedding inspiration, please follow the page link below:


If you need any further help or advice on Live Entertainment for your Wedding, Event, Function or Venue, please contact one of our Entertainment Co-ordinators who will be happy to answer questions and help you source the best quality Live Entertainment at the most competitive prices

Garston Entertainments has a wide range of top quality Wedding Entertainment based Nationwide throughout the UK and to suit all budgets and have been providing entertainment since 1978.

For any professional help or advice on booking your Corporate Entertainment, please contact one of our Entertainment Co-Ordinators on 0845 071 0988 or email or visit our website on

Hire Vintage Entertainment for your Event

Vintage style weddings and events are ever on the increase and particularly popular for 2015. From 1940’s style afternoon tea receptions, 1920’s Swing era, Vintage and Rustic Festival style themes to castle inspired royal events, we have the perfect entertainment to suit.


1920’s Theme

The Young Swing Things

The-Young-Swing-Things-Group jump 2

Guaranteed to deliver a vintage image and sound, the Young Swing Things offers a combined Male/Female vocal giving versatility and variety – sure to add a touch of class to your function or event.


1940’s Theme

The Forties Belles


The trio cover the most popular music hits of the Swing and Boogie Woogie era, including songs from Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Vera Lynn and Billie Holiday – in authentic fashion.


Festival Inspired

The Festivals


The Festivals provide a full evening entertainment package that features an awesome Mumford & Sons style set with upright bass, banjo and acoustic guitar, as well as a classic indie/rock/pop electric set, with disco before and after!


Folk Vintage/ Rustic Theme

The Victorias


The Victorias are one of the UK’s favourite Vintage wedding bands they are the perfect choice of entertainment for any event looking for a band to capture modern songs with a vintage folk twist.


Rock n Roll/1950’s Theme

Anna Sin


Anna Sin & Co play anything from the obvious, the unusual and the surprisingly modern. With a back catalogue booming full of 50-60s Rock ‘n’ Roll and R ‘n’ B classics side by side with old school hip hop, pop hits, original tracks and 90s nostalgia. The Brighton based group serve up all kinds of songs straight off the grill with a side of swing and a skiffle dressing.


Wartime/1930’s Theme

J Darling


A typical 1940’s & Wartime Tribute show can include 2 sets of 45 minutes or 3 sets of 30 minutes including wartime classics, sing-a-longs and big band divas.

Each set in different costume and she will play music appropriate to the era in between. J Darling has an array of 1940’s wartime and vintage outfits and costumes to give your event that extra special feel.


For further inspiration for your vintage themed entertainment, please view our dedicated vintage entertainment category.


If you need any further help or advice on Live Entertainment for your Wedding, Event, Function or Venue, please contact one of our Entertainment Co-ordinators who will be happy to answer questions and help you source the best quality Live Entertainment at the most competitive prices

Garston Entertainments has a wide range of top quality Wedding Entertainment based Nationwide throughout the UK and to suit all budgets and have been providing entertainment since 1978.

For any professional help or advice on booking your Corporate Entertainment, please contact one of our Entertainment Co-Ordinators on 0845 071 0988 or email or visit our website on

Hire Entertainment for your Corporate Event

Hire Corporate Entertainment from Live Bands, Musicians, 

Magicians, Singers and more…


Corporate Entertainment can be very important to a company, as it can help promote your business internally, to current employees and colleagues and also to outside clients, colleagues and can reinforce your brand to your peers and to a wider audience.

When choosing the right entertainment for your event, it is important to consider a few things.

Consider your audience – what is the age range of the people you are providing entertainment for? What would they enjoy? Its important to consider your audience and what they would consider high quality entertainment. For example, A One Direction tribute may not be suitable for your annual black tie event, however may go down a storm if you are providing a family fun day where children will be present.

Venue size and location – Is your venue suitable for the type of entertainment you are looking for? This is important to consider, for example if you are looking at booking a 34 piece big band but the room you have booked can only accommodate a 5 piece band, you will have a problem when it comes to performance. Knowing the size of the room and what your venue can accommodate is vital.

Consider your budget. – Do you have a specific budget that you must work within? Knowing how much you have to spend will help when looking to secure the right entertainment for you event. Garston Entertainments have artistes to suit all budgets and knowing what you have to spend can help guide us to the right artiste for you.

There are many artistes across the UK that are geared towards the corporate entertainment market. In order to get the best from your entertainment, consider a unique idea, something that will impress and what people will talk about and remember. Be aware of the latest entertainment trends so you can be ahead of the game and know what will really grab the attention of your audience.

Some ideas you may consider….

Singing Waiters

The ultimate surprise for your guests and clients. The Singing Waiters will wait on  and service your guests and clients incognitos before bursting into amazing song to surprise and thoroughly entertain the audience. The Singing Waiters will have a range of uniforms to suit and can theme their music from Opera to Musical Theatre, Swing to Soul, Current charts to Rock!

Mariachi Bands


Perfect wandering entertainment for any Event.

Their aim is to get your guests joining in, singing and dancing.

They are completely adjustable to any event and can perform at intimate dinner parties with 20 people present, or larger corporate events. This type of act is perfect for going between the tables while your guests dine, or they can mingle in with the crowd at sophisticated drinks receptions.


clint 2

A Superb range of professional Close up Magicians, Table Magicians,  Street Magicians and Magic and Illusion Shows to help add that something special and to inject a little bit of magic into your event.

 With their sleight of hand card trick and baffling magic and illusions, hiring a magician provides great entertainment for your guests and clients, adding atmosphere, a talking point and create a memorable occasion for all.

Electric String Groups

Jamie and Katie-2

A dramatic performance that can add the wow factor to your event. With Electric  performances, they utilise all the latest technology to create a dramatic, stunning and epic performance for all. Creating a choreographed and dynamic musical spectacular that will leave your guests in awe.

Live Bands image

A fantastic selection of professional, superb quality live bands party bands able to perform across all styles from Current charts, Soul & Motown, 70s, Disco, Funk, 80s Pop, 90s, Indie, tribute Bands and more. We have hundreds of viewed and approve live bands that perform at thousands of events every year. Based nationwide across the UK and guaranteed to get your party started.


Bandeoke & Rockaoke gives you the chance to perform a song live with professional musicians as your backing band. Feel like a Rock Star, Sing L like a Rock Star and perform like a Rock Star! Great Fun and entertainment! Perfect for getting your guests involved in the event and creating a fantastically fun atmosphere your guests will never forget.

If you need any further advice on entertainment for your corporate event, please contact Garston Entertainments, we would be happy to help and give any advice we can.


Garston Entertainments has a wide range of top quality Wedding Entertainment based Nationwide throughout the UK and to suit all budgets and have been providing entertainment since 1978.

For any professional help or advice on booking your Corporate Entertainment, please contact one of our Entertainment Co-Ordinators on 0845 071 0988 or email or visit our website on

Hiring Live Entertainment for your Wedding


Hiring Live Entertainment for your Wedding!

When booking your wedding, there are lots of things to plan for and so much to think about, the dress, the venue, the cake, the cars, the guest list and so much more. All this can be a daunting task for even the most organized of Brides, so when planning your live wedding entertainment, the team here at Garston like to make choosing your Wedding Entertainment as easy as possible for you.

Live Entertainment is such a big part of the day, whether it is during the reception drinks, the wedding breakfast, or later on into the evening reception. Choosing the right live entertainment that fits with your taste, budget and you as a couple whilst keeping your guests entertained will be the cherry on top of a perfect day.

Live Bands

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A live band can add real energy to your evening reception, fill the dance floor, and create lasting memories for you and your guests. The band can learn your first dance song if required, and tailor their set lists to suit your wedding. We have bands to suit every budget from trios all the way up to 32 piece, and can perform a variety of styles from Modern Charts to 60s, Soul & Motown Bands, Swing Bands, Tribute Band, Decade themed bands – 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Jazz bands and more


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A duo is a great option if you are short on space and looking for something on a lower budget, as you still get the feel of a live band, just with less people. With many fantastic duos to choose from and performing in a variety of style – from modern to soul, motown to swing, acoustic to rock and much more we are sure to find the perfect duo for your wedding

Solo Singers

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A popular option for the wedding breakfast and/or for the evening reception is to hire a solo singer who will perform to high quality backing tracks providing the sound of a full band. Our solo wedding singers perform at small and large weddings and have professional sound equipment to cater for small and larger venues.

Hiring a solo wedding singer can also help with budget and space eg if you have a small area for performance but still want the live entertainment buzz at your wedding, then this is a live entertainment option for you.

With a wide choice of singers, male and female, modern to pop, soul to swing, rock to opera, there is a singer for every occasion and audience.

Wedding Musicians

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Hiring a musician to perform at your Wedding can add a touch of elegance, is not too imposing and creates a perfect atmosphere at your ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast. There are many to choose from: Harpists, Guitarists, Violinists, Pianists, String Quartets, Electric String Artistes, Jazz Bands, Acoustic Artistes and many more. This is a popular choice for drinks receptions, ceremonies and wedding breakfasts


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Hiring a magician can add a different entertainment aspect to your wedding and can really help break the ice at the drinks reception or wedding breakfast keeping your guests entertained with their amazing skills and good humour.

Each magician is unique and (we even have a Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike/close up magician) and we have a range of Close up/Table magicians based nationwide throughout the UK who will perform amazing card and sleight of hand tricks adding a new dimension to your wedding and leaving your guests wondering “How did they do that?”

Wedding Entertainment Packages

Garston Entertainments offer a selection of wedding packages to suit all budgets and requirements. Below is a list of Wedding Entertainment package examples but we can also tailor the packages to suit your individual requirements

Bronze Package – Daytime or Evening

1 x 60 minutes singing set Daytime or Evening
First Dance performed Live, a song of your choice

Silver Package – Daytime or Evening

2 x 45 minutes singing sets
First Dance performed Live, a song of your choice

Gold Package – Evening

2 x 45mins singing sets (or 1 x 60mins)
First Dance performed Live, a song of your choice
Full DJ/Disco package 7pm-1am (times can be amended to suit your wedding)

Platinum Package – Full Day package

Afternoon – 1 x 60 or 2 x 45 minutes set chilled `swing` or music of your choice, live vocals during the wedding breakfast
Use of microphones for speeches and announcements
Background Music
Evening – Full DJ/Disco package 7pm-1am
1 x 60 or 2 x 45 minute lively evening singing sets
First Dance performed Live, a song of your choice

Diamond Package – Full Daytime & Ceremony

1 x 15 minute set at the church singing songs of your choice
Afternoon – 1 x 60 or 2 x 45 minutes set chilled `swing` or music of your choice, live vocals during the wedding breakfast Background Music
Use of microphones for speeches and announcements
Evening – Full DJ/Disco package 7pm-1am
1 x 60 or 2 x 45 minute lively evening singing sets
First Dance performed Live, a song of your choice

Again, the above are just examples of our Wedding Entertainment Packages, our artistes will be happy to individualize the live entertainment to your requirements

 Wedding FAQs

There are many important questions to ask and answers required when choosing your wedding entertainment supplier. Below is our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions

Q. How do I choose the artiste which is right for my wedding?

A. Our website contains hundreds of artiste profiles of different music genres from all over the UK. The majority of artiste profiles contain audio clips, photos, video clips, song lists, testimonials etc to help you in your search for the perfect live entertainment for your wedding

Q. Can I speak to an experienced entertainment advisor who can help me further in choosing my wedding entertainment?

A. Yes, we positively encourage this! Our office is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5.00pm. All of the artistes on the website have been seen performing live (often many times) by a member of the booking team who will listen to your requirements, provide advice and recommend the most suitable live entertainment

Q. I would like to see the artiste perform live before I proceed and book

A. Understandable, but not always practical and possible. We can only provisionally hold a date on one of our artistes realistically for a few days. Our artistes perform at many weddings and functions throughout the UK and these may not be open to the public for obvious reasons. It may be a few weeks or even months before they have a booking which is open to the public, in this time your artiste may not be available on your chosen date leading to disappointment. Garston Entertainments advertised wedding singers, bands and entertainment is carefully selected, quality and reliable live entertainment. Your entertainment advisor will honestly and professionally advise and recommend the artiste most suitable for your wedding

Q. How do I know that the wedding singer or band that I choose is the one I will see at my wedding?

A. Simple, everything you see and hear on our website is what will perform at your wedding if you choose to book. Personnel in bands particularly do change from time to time and we are vigilant in maintaining our knowledge of each individual band and its` members. If a member change does not alter the quality of the band in a negative sense then we will continue to allow the band to honour existing bookings. If the band has a major change of line up or the singer is replaced we will review the band and advise any client with an existing booking, that there has been a significant change and consequently either reassure them to continue with the booking or recommend replacing with a quality alternative band

Q. If I book an artiste with Garston, how secure is my booking?

A. When you book an artiste with Garston Entertainments you have the security and peace of mind of dealing with a professional company that was established in 1978. Every year we supply live entertainment to thousands of events, functions, venues and weddings. Garston Entertainments use industry approved contracts. The contracts are legally binding and cannot be cancelled except in the case of a fatality, illness, force majeure, war, act of god etc. Full terms will appear on the contract

Q. Why book with an agency and not direct with the artiste?

A. There are many beneficial reasons to secure your wedding entertainment with Garston Entertainments, please see 10 top reasons to book your wedding entertainment with us. Other essential points to consider and common misconceptions are that artistes are not necessarily cheaper by booking direct! They may be performing many bookings with us per year and therefore we have buying power to secure the most competitive price.

Our office is a full time structured organization that books and deals with artistes in a professional capacity every day of the year. Artistes have a responsibility to us when performing on our bookings to uphold our reputation and to adhere to our codes of conduct. A direct booking with an artiste may not be contracted which could lead to them not turning up, or cancelling to accept a better/higher priced booking.

We are full members of the largest trade association of its kind (The Agents Association of Great Britain) and as such adhere to a strict code of conduct. For security, peace of mind, quality and professionalism, book your wedding entertainment through Garston Entertainments

Q. What happens if the artiste cancels due to illness/accident?

A. This is unlikely, but as your live entertainment is a human being, this cannot be ruled out. Firstly, full evidence from the artiste – example – medical note, breakdown report etc would be required from the artiste within 7 days. Secondly, Garston Entertainments has a superb network of artistes and will utilize our experience and contacts to seek to offer a similar standard artiste as a replacement. We operate a full emergency standby service till 9pm, 365 days of the year, where an entertainment advisor will do everything possible to provide the best solution to any situation that may occur

Q. Can I speak with the artiste directly before my Wedding?

A. Once you have booked your live entertainment with us you can update your entertainment advisor at any time with any additional information example, first dance, wedding itinerary etc. These will all be forwarded and confirmed with your chosen wedding entertainer. If you would then like to speak directly with your artiste then this can be arranged a few weeks before the wedding.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A. In order to secure your booking, Garston Entertainments will require a small deposit (usually approximately 20% + vat of the total fee). This deposit is none refundable. However, If the artiste cancels due to illness/accident/fatality we will seek to offer a suitable, replacement artiste (s). If you decide not to accept the replacement(s) offered then we will refund 50% of your deposit paid. The remaining 50% deposit balance will be retained by Garston Entertainments towards ours administration costs in maintaining the booking

Q. What Payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept cheques, postal orders, BACS payments and direct payments into our business account.

A few words from popular wedding singer…… Paul Hand.


Paul is an exceptional singer, musician and performer in demand across the UK.

A massive fan of all musical styles Paul performs a wide range of material from a large repertoire making him suitable for all occasions and events. He prides himself on performing an up to date set together with a range of classics guaranteed to get the party rocking, whether it be Wayne Rooney’s house party as he has previously performed or a Corporate event he has the versatility, charisma and professionalism to ensure your event is a success.

What do you love most about your job?

I love going to different places, venues and meeting lots of different people and characters at my performances.  I really enjoy performing and entertaining people and especially enjoy being part of peoples special occasions at weddings and parties.

I love that every show can be a little bit different and its great to be doing what I am doing.

Tell us a little about the shows you offer….

I perform 3 shows as well as my standard show performing a mix of classics right through the decades with classic pop hits from the 50’s right through to the latest chart hits.

I also perform an acoustic ‘Live Lounge’ show where i perform with my acoustic guitar and loop pedal a range of acoustic pop covers stripped right back to the core of the song.

Perfect for corporate events, wine bars/restaurants and weddings. I perform classic songs where i also create multiple guitar parts and vocal harmonies looping elements of the song for creative rich songs.

I offer a tribute to Britpop show, ‘Britpop Anthems’ featuring classic tracks from the 90’s Britpop genre perfect for the indie lovers out there.

I also perform an 80’s tribute show ‘Smash Hits of the 80’s’ performing great range of songs from one of my fav genres of music, featuring synth pop, guitar rock ballads and some of the alternative hits from the 80s years.

Do you have a most memorable moment of an event you have performed at?

I perform at Manchester City writing and performing original comedy songs about match days and players and i also arranged and recorded an new version of the clubs song Blue Moon. I sang this on the pitch just before City played Manchester United in front of forty seven thousand fans in an electric atmosphere. As a big City fan it was an amazing experience and a memory i’ll hold forever.

What kind of requests do you get for weddings?

Amongst performing numerous first dance songs for couples weddings i have often been asked to write and perform an original comedy song about the bride & groom and how they met. With information provided separately by the bride and groom I have made song about them giving a totally unique twist to the day and a personal touch for the wedding couple.

Do you have any favourite songs you like to perform?

I make and produce my own little mash up songs of classic hits and party tunes that I blend together to keep the dance floor rocking. I also love to sing ballads that are often hits from female singers. Some of the classic songs from over the years are also great to perform, they have stood the test of time and its great to perform them knowing they are sure to get people on the dance floor.

As a guitar player and Manchester musician I am a fan of some of the all the Manchester bands and artists like Oasis, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays as well as the great indie /guitar tunes from the great guitar bands past and present.

What packages do you offer?

I offer 4 packages, my standard show covering all hits from the decades right up to chart hits of today, an acoustic ‘Live Lounge’ show.

A britpop tribute and an 80’s tribute show.

I can also DJ classic wedding/party sets and can beat mix if you are more into clubbing tunes and funky house sets

I can perform at any point of your day,, there are various packages that cover this, I can even take care of your full days entertainment from your ceremony, right to the very end with a lively DJ set.

Anything you wish to add?

I also have a great sound system and lighting set up to make sure that my show looks and sounds professional and pleasing.

Its great to do what I do and i show that in my performances and its a pleasure to be exclusively represented by Garston Entertainments and all their great team.


Garston Entertainments has a wide range of top quality Wedding Entertainment based Nationwide throughout the UK and to suit all budgets and have been providing live entertainment since 1978

For any professional help or advice on booking your Wedding Entertainment, please contact one of our entertainment co-ordinators on 0845 071 0988 or email or visit